About Reneé

     Renee Miskell was born and raised in a small suburb just outside of Buffalo, NY. Her interest in photography began as she poured over the beautiful pictures her parents took while in the Virgin Islands. She would sneak away with the camera and photograph inanimate objects around her house; she wanted others to see things how she saw them.

     In her senior year of high school, Renee took a photography class and fell in love with concepts and techniques photography entailed. She was enthralled by the chemical processes that created an image on a blank piece of paper that only moments before did not exist.

     As much as she wanted to pursue photography, Renee went onto study psychology at Medaille College where she obtained a Bachelor’s of Arts in 2005. Desperate for good entry level careers she and her husband, Ryan, moved to Raleigh, NC to begin persuing leads. After turbulant economic times and an unexpected layoff Renee took the time to explore her passion of photography. She enrolled at the Art Institute in 2010 and shortly after they welcomed their son, Aiden. This was the moment her photography changed. She was carrying a full load at the Art Institute and juggling motherhood. Her transformative experience guided her down a new path, ultimately leading to her photographing simple objects. Just as she did when she first picked up the camera, her psychology background and new perspective shaped Renee’s work into an abstract world using macro photography transforming everyday objects and surroundings into anything but.